Signeasy Templates: creating, editing and sending for signature

Modified on Sun, 20 Aug 2023 at 08:43 PM

Utilizing Signeasy Templates streamlines your signature processes by allowing you to generate and store documents preconfigured with Document Fields. This enhances efficiency and speed in your signature workflows. Business Plan users can create unlimited number of templates, while Team Plan users can establish up to five templates per account for effortless template reuse.

How Do I Create a Template?

  • Navigate to the Templates section within the left sidebar. From there, you have the option to either upload a document from your device or choose an Original document.
  • Create signer roles (such as Renter, Landlord, etc.), arrange the signing order if necessary, and input an optional message. Then, click on the "Add Fields" button located in the upper right corner:

  • Incorporate document fields and allocate them to each designated role established within the workflow:

  • Click the "Create Template" button located in the upper right corner to save the template.

How Do I Edit a Template?

  • Choose "Templates" from the left side of your dashboard. Then, select the three-dot menu located on the template that requires editing.

  • By clicking on Edit,  you will be redirected to the template edit page. There, you can Add Another Role, Remove a role, Set or Remove Signing Order, Rename the Template, or Update the Email subject.

  • After making the required changes, click on Edit Fields to navigate to the next page. Here, you can add or remove any annotation fields. Once done, click on Save Changes to save the edited template.
  • You can save the edited template as a copy without affecting the original copy of the template by clicking on the three-dot menu next to Save Template and selecting Save As Copy.

  • You can also replaec a template with a different document without starting from scratch by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and select “Create Copy"
  • Proceed to select the three dots next to the document name and choose “Replace Document.”
  • You have the option to either import the replacement document from your device or select it from the Original section. Upon selecting a file, the new document will replace the existing one while keeping the fields unchanged. If necessary, you can also choose to add or replace the current field(s).

How do I send a Template for signature?

  • Click the template title and select Request Signature.

  • Enter the signer’s name and email in the preset roles. You can also include CC recipients or optional messages to signers.

  • By utilizing Signeasy Templates, you can bypass the need for field assignment. Instead, you can verify the roles to confirm their accurate assignment to the appropriate signatories. To initiate the signature request, simply click on the Send option located in the upper right-hand corner.

    After the Signature Request workflow has been sent, it will become visible on your dashboard, similar to any other signature request. The Template will be stored within the Templates section of your dashboard, ready to be reused whenever necessary.

How do I differentiate my Signature Requests?

As you send more requests using your templates, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed with a list of requests that all have the same name. To help with this, you can rename the template/request right from the Request Signature workflow, giving you an easy way to differentiate between your pending requests.

  • To separate your requests, use the Rename function from the workflow screen to assign them a unique tag or a completely different name if you prefer.
  •  Single-role completed templates will automatically include the signer's name on the title of the finalized document.

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