Here is a detailed list of the notifications sent out during a signature request and how you can check the status of your signature request as you go.

What Email Notifications Will the Sender Receive?

  • Notification stating the request has been sent.
  • When the signer(s) has viewed the document.
  • When the signer(s) has completed the document.
  • A copy of the completed document.

What Email Notifications Will the Signer(s) Receive?

  • The signer(s) will receive a request to sign the document. They can select Review and Sign to be seamlessly guided through the document.

Web app RS Invitation.png

  • A copy of the signed document (even if there are others left to sign).
  • A copy of the completed document.

How Can I Check the Status of My Document?

  • From your Dashboard, select the status.

  • Pending: This indicates a signature request in progress. For example, if there are 5 signers and only 1 has signed so far.

  • Completed: After each recipient has completed the signature request, you will receive a notification of completion and all users involved in the request will receive a copy of the completed document. This will also place the document into the Completed status on your dashboard.

Web app Completed state.png