Edit signer details after sending the signature request

Modified on Thu, 14 Mar at 1:36 AM

You can edit the signature requests that are sent out but are not completed. Visit the Waiting For Others section > click on the three dots > Edit.

Note: It's not possible to edit the details of that signer who have already signed the document.

You can modify the below details:
  • Add, delete, or edit signers and CC recipients.
  • Fields assigned to signers
  • 2FA
  • Attachments
  • Message to signers

How to edit?

  • Navigate to the Waiting For Others section on your dashboard to locate the signature request you would like to edit.
  • Click on the three dots next to the document and click on Edit.

To make changes/corrections.

1. To add signers, click on add signer.

2. To delete Signers, click on the 3 dots and click 'Delete Signer'

3. Once you make necessary changes around adding, deleting or editing the signer or cc receipeints , Click Next.

4. Add/Remove fields.

On this screen, you can assign fields to new signers or add/delete/modify fields of the existing signers.

5. Once the necessary changes are done, click on Review and Send.

6. You will see a confirmation screen to verify the changes. Click send when ready.

7. In case you had added a new signer, 

  • The updated signer will receive a notification to sign the document.
  • The removed signer will receive a notification saying the sender has recalled the signature request.
  • The Audit Trail/Certificate will include the changes made to the signer’s name or email to maintain the change log and authenticity of the document signature workflow.

Control notifications
You can control the notifications that goes to your recipients.

  • Go to Account and settings
  • Click on Notifications
  • You can control the following notifications

Note: Modifying the signing order and adding/replacing documents is not supported. If you have a need for these, please request it here.

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