Sending a Signature Requests with fields

Modified on Sun, 20 Aug 2023 at 08:41 PM

Signeasy offers the capability to incorporate fields into your signature requests, pinpointing precise signing positions. This ensures a seamless document completion process for signers, enabling them to efficiently fill out the document and return it to you without any omissions.

Note: Document fields are essential to enable your signer to utilize a mobile device for signing. Without fields, signing from a computer becomes necessary.

How do I add fields to my Signature Request?

  • Open the Send for Signature workflow by selecting Send for Signature button on the top left menu:
  • You will be directed to the "Prepare Documents" section, granting you the option to pick an Original document, select a Template, or upload a file from your device:

After choosing a document and entering the recipient's information, proceed by clicking the "Add Fields" option located in the upper right corner:

Choose the preferred fields from the options on the left sidebar and position them on your document where required:

  • To duplicate a field, choose from the following actions: Copy Field to All Pages or Copy Field to Subsequent Pages:

Note: Copied fields can be manually repositioned to a new placement within the document.

  • Select a field to modify its specific settings, allocate a particular signer, set it as optional/mandatory, or alter the format (for date fields)

  • For our Date field, you can select the option to Lock signing date, or enter a different date:

  • Click on Send for Signature in the upper right corner to send the signature request. You cannot edit the fields after sending, so be sure everything is set up and double-checked!

Anotation fields are available for Signature Requests, Self-Sign documents and Templates. 
Each signer must have at least one assigned field.
Signers will not be able to finalize the document until all required fields are filled in.
All signers will have a specific color coding assigned, making it easier for you to differentiate during field placement.

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