SignEasy allows you to bundle multiple templates and documents when sending out a signature request. Using this feature, you can now save yourself from the hassle of adding fields every time you have to send a signature request.

Note: This option is available only for Pro and Business users.

Requesting a signature using multiple templates or documents.

  • Open the Request Signature Workflow by using either of the options below:

    • Select - Start Signing on the left-hand navigation panel and select Request Signature.

  • Navigate to the Templates option on the left-hand navigation panel and select Request Signature next to a specific template.

  • Navigate to Originals on the left-hand navigation panel, select the dropdown next to the document, and select Request Signature.

  • In the next section, you can choose from a variety of options to add templates, originals or to import documents locally

    • Originals: Stored original blank copies of any document previously imported into SignEasy

    • Template: Choose multiple templates from your library of templates

    • Upload: Select one or multiple documents to upload from your computer

    • Use a combination of documents and templates both, in a single request.

  • All roles are added(name and email), and if the same role(email) is present, we allow you to automatically merge the roles. 

  • Select Proceed, once you choose to merge relevant roles.

  • Verify if all the required fields have been added and select Send to initiate the signature request.