With our Android app, you can easily add a variety of information to your document. 

  • Text
  • Date
  • Images
  • Checkbox/Radio buttons

How do I add other information?

To add any of these items to your document, follow the same process as adding your signature. You'll see the other options in the Signature toolbar.

*Note that the Freestyle option is limited to Plus plan users

  • Select the appropriate option from the Signature Toolbar
  • Drag the information to the desired location on your document


  • When entering text, you can use the options on the text page to edit/modify the information.
    • To change the font size use the A icon
    • Tap the clock icon to see recently used words or phrases
    • Select the profile icon to enter information from your profile, such as name, company, name, or email address.


  • Once you've placed it and modified it, you're all done! You can move on the next item.