With our Android app, you can easily add different annotation fields to your documents:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Text
  • Date
  • Images
  • Checkbox/Radio buttons

How do I add other information?

To add any of these items to your document, follow the same process as adding your signature. You'll see the other fields when you tap on the document.

Note : The Freestyle option is limited to Pro plan users
  • Select the required field from the pop-up
  • Drag the information to the desired location on your document


  • When entering text, you can use the options on the Text page to edit/modify the information.
    • Tap on the icon "A" at the top. This will open the options to select the Ink Color, Personal Details and Text History.
    • Select the profile icon to enter information from your Profile, such as Name, Company, or Email Address.
    • Tap the clock icon to see the recently used words or phrases


  • Once you've placed it and modified it, you're all done! You can move on to the next item.