In our Android app, you can save personal details to be quickly entered as needed. The app will also remember recently entered text so that you can quickly enter it without having to type it out each time.

How do I save my personal details?

  • To save your details in the SignEasy app, open the left-hand menu and tap the Settings icon

  • Select the Settings icon, then Personal Details. Here you can enter details like your name, initials, and company name. 

  • You can also use the Custom Details section to add additional information like phone number, address, title, etc.

  • With your personal details saved, you can enter them automatically on your documents by tapping the profile icon on the text pop-up.

How can I use saved text snippets?

Anytime you enter a text string on a document we save it under the recently used list for easy access.

  • To access these saved strings, tap the Text History icon on the text pop-up.

  • Scroll through the text entries that are saved there to automatically enter a specific line into the text box.

Note that a number of recently used text strings will be saved for you to use.