In the iOS app, you can easily manage your document information, search for a specific document, rename or delete your documents.

How do I search for a specific document?

You can locate a specific document in your list by tapping the Search icon on your Signeasy dashboard. Use this to filter by complete title or partial title of a document (if you don't remember the whole thing), sender email, signer email, or date

How do I view or edit information about my document?

To view the details of any document in your iOS app:

  • Tap the Information icon on the document you want to view.


  • Select the options to sign (in the case of the original document), rename, email, or delete the document. You can also view information like document size, imported date, etc.

How can I delete my document?

  • Open the document information window, then tap Delete.


  • You may select multiple documents by choosing the Select option on the right hand top and delete multiple documents.