With the SignEasy Android app, you can import your document several different ways!

What options do I have for importing?

  • From the SignEasy dashboard, select the Import icon (red plus) and you'll see the import options popup. 




  • Selecting the Email option will give you a brief set of instructions on importing your documents from email. To import your document from your email account:
    • Select the email attachment you'd like to open
    • Select SignEasy from the options given 



  • Note that checking the Use as default app option will make every attachment open in SignEasy by default, so this is not recommended.

SD Card

  • Selecting the SD card option will let you choose a document from your device storage, whether downloaded or created on the device. 

Cloud Storage

  • The SignEasy Android app lets you import documents from your favourite cloud storage option.
    • You'll be asked to provide the credentials for your cloud storage account.
    • You can then select your document from the list in your cloud account.

Email Forwarding

  •  From your primary email address: You can import a document from your email by forwarding attachments to add@signeasy.me. Note that this option only works by default when forwarding from the email address registered to SignEasy.
    • We'll automatically convert and import it to your SignEasy account.
    • We'll send you an email to let you know we received it. 
  • Note that when using Email Forwarding, if the email has an attachment we'll import that into the app. If the email has no attachment, we'll import the email itself (the email body) as a document. You can use this option if you need to sign an email.

Once you select a document from any of these sources, we'll import it into your SignEasy app. Note that all documents imported are converted to the PDF format.