The SignEasy iOS app offers 4 simple ways to import your documents.

Importing Email Attachments

  • From your inbox, select the email attachment you’d like to open.
  • Select the Export option in the bottom left corner.
  • Select Copy to SignEasy or Sign with SignEasy.

Using the Import Option

  • From the SignEasy Dashboard, select the Import(+) option from the top left.
  • Choose our new document scanner to convert any document from its paper form into a PDF file.
  • Choose documents from saved photos or files.
  • Choose your favourite cloud storage account and you will be prompted to provide your credentials. Then, you may choose the document you need from the list inside your cloud storage account.

Drag and Drop Importing (iPad & iOS 11 only)

  • Using the multitask option, open the source app (i.e. Mail, Dropbox, etc) alongside SignEasy.
  • Tap and hold the document, drag and drop the document into SignEasy to be imported.

Email Importing

  • From the email address you registered with SignEasy, forward the attachment to or and it will be automatically imported.
  • You will receive an email confirmation after the import.

Note: If the email has an attachment we will import that into the app. If the email has no attachment, we'll import the email itself (the email body) as a document. You can use this option if you need to sign an email.