SignEasy offers two simple options to create your signature in the iOS application. By drawing or importing your signature, you will be signing documents in no time at all.

Draw a Signature

  • Create your signature by drawing it with your finger or with the Apple pencil (only on the iPad Pro).

  • Here you can change the ink colour of your signature or use the Trash icon to start over.

How can I use an image of my signature?

  • Select the Account option from the Dashboard, and scroll to the Signature/Initials section and select Add Signature

  • Tap the Import Signature option to open your Image Library and select your signature image for import. You can also select Scan Signature to use your camera and take an image of your signature in the moment!

Modify/Manage a Saved Signature

  • Tap the Account icon. Second, tap Signature or Initials.

  • Select Signature or Initials at the top of the signature box to modify. Use the Trash icon to remove the signature/initials and draw your new signature.

Please note: You will not have to recreate your signature each time, we’ll save it as the primary signature for future use.