After entering the necessary details and filling out the fields,  you can activate the "Save Draft" feature for the Original file upon selecting "Sign Document",  allowing you to come back later for finalization.

  • Save Draft - Use this option if you'd like to save the document for future editing. If you have more information to add, select Save Draft, and the document will be placed in the Draft section.

  • Locate the document within your dashboard's Draft section, where you can access it. Click on "Edit" to include additional information. If you wish to remove the draft, select the document and click on the trash bin icon located above.

  • Finish- Select this option once you've finished inputting all the necessary details and the document is fully prepared. This action will relocate the document to the Completed section, where it will be ready for downloading or emailing to the intended recipient.

Note: once a document has been finalized and Completed, it cannot be edited or