Signeasy offers 4 simple options to create your signature and initials!

Option 1: Draw

  • Draw your signature using the mouse or touchscreen.

Option 2: Draw on Mobile Device

  • Select the Draw on Mobile icon, and a link will be sent to the email associated with your Signeasy account. 

  • Open the link sent to your email and draw your signature.
  • Select OK at the bottom of the screen, and we will upload the signature on the Web App. 

Option 3: Type

  • Type your name and choose the font you prefer by selecting the Type tab from the signature format options.

Option 4: Upload

  • Upload your signature if you prefer your unique handwritten signature by uploading a PNG image from your computer or simply Dragging & Dropping it into the upload screen.

How do I place, resize, or delete my signature?

  • To move your signature, select the signature box to drag to the desired location.
  • To resize your signature, drag the corners of the signature box to adjust.
  • To delete the signature, select the trash icon.