With our Template sharing feature, we've made it easy for team admins to share templates with their team members, removing the need for each user to create their own templates! 

For info on templates check out Creating a Template and Using a Template in Signature Requests.

How do I share my templates with my team?

  • Log into your administrator account on the Web app at https://app.signeasy.com
  • Select the Templates section from the left-hand menu to view your existing templates (or create a new one)

  • From the Template list, click the drop-down menu on the right-hand side then select Share

  • Once you confirm the action, your template will be shared with your existing team members, and they'll receive an email confirmation letting them know that it was added to their account. 

  • You'll also see a team icon notifying you that the template is shared.

Can I remove my team's access to a template?

If you no longer need a template or don't want it shared anymore, you can easily revoke shared access with the following steps:

  • Select Templates from the left-hand menu to view the templates
  • Locate the template you'd like to change, and click the drop-down menu on the right-hand side
  • Click Unshare to revoke access for all users

An email notification will go out informing your team that the template has been un-shared, and the accounts and template lists will be updated immediately. 

A few things to note:

  • Templates are shared with the entire team, at this time you won't be able to share only with specific team members
  • If a template is deleted from the admin account it will automatically delete it from all team members accounts
  • Template sharing is only available from Premium accounts, and the user must be the administrator of the team. Individual team members will not be able to share templates with other team members