With the new additional security feature, you can now enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) for your signers.

Note : Two-factor authentication (2FA) only comes with Signeasy Business plan.
  • How do I enable two-factor authentication? Is it a global setting? 

    • You will have to enable Two-factor authentication for every Request Signature you send to your signers.

  • Can I use any phone number to send a document for signature with authentication?

    • Yes! As long as your country is listed on our system, you can select your country code and the phone # to send a document with authentication.

  • What happens when the signer does not have mobile network coverage after I've sent out the document for signature
    • The signer has the option to Verify at a later time and complete the flow; they simply have to click the email they got to restart the signing flow.
  • How will the signer authenticate themselves?
    • Once the signer clicks on the email or the push notification, they will be taken to a page where they can request a One Time Password. The signer can enter the OTP they receive on their mobile phone to verify that they're the intended signer.

  • What happens when the signer can't verify themselves? How many chances have they got before they fail their verification?
    • The signer has 3 chances to sign their document, after which the signer won't be able to sign the document. As a sender, you will have to send a new signature request.
  • Will the signers be able to request a new code if they don't receive the code on time?
    • Yes! they will be able to resend a code to the phone number specified by the sender.
  • How will I know that the entire document signing was actually done via authentication?
    • The audit trail of the document will show that the signing was done via 2FA (Two-factor authentication).