How do I Sign & Send My Document with Aadhaar Authentication?

  • From your dashboard, select Sign Yourself on the specific document to be sent

  • Select Signature from the toolbar.

  • Draw, Type, or Upload an image of your signature and select options like ink color. You can also opt to save it as your primary signature to be reused in the future

  • Click on the document to place your signature and modify, if needed

  • Select Finish in the top right corner and click Sign using Aadhaar eSign

  • You will be prompted to enter your Aadhaar ID number and select Submit

  • On the device associated with your Aadhaar ID number, you will receive a OTP (One Time Password)

  • Enter this numerical OTP into the Signature Panel, agree to Terms & Conditions, and select Submit OTP

  • The document will populate with the Aadhaar Seal and you can email or download the document as needed