Signeasy supports a special process of document verification through Aadhaar authentication, allowing for an extra layer of security and authentication for our Indian customers. Note: Currently, this feature only support a single signer, and must include document fields. We will be adding multi-signer support in the very near future.

How do I enable Aadhaar eSign?

  • Log into your account, click the Profile icon in the upper right corner, and select Account

  • Under the Account Overview tab, set your country as India, and check the Enable Aadhaar eSign for all Signers option

Using Aadhaar with my Request Signature

  • Add the email addresses and names of the recipients of the signature request. You can also add an optional message for the signers.




  • Selecting Sign the document in any order will let your recipients sign the document as soon as they receive them, without the need to sign in a particular order.  

  • To assign Fields to the signers, click on “Add Fields”. You will be redirected to the document for further editing.

  • After the fields are placed, click Send and select Aadhaar eSign Request

What does this look like for my signers?


  • Your signer can follow the normal signature request process to fill out the document

  • When completing the document, the signer will be asked to provide their Aadhaar number, then receive an OTP by SMS to the mobile number associated with their Aadhaar number


  • When the OTP is entered and verified, the document will be completed and signed copies sent out


  • There can occasionally be delays with the OTP delivery, if this occurs the signer can easily request another OTP (this will invalidate the original, even if it later arrives)

  • Note that this feature is currently supported on Chrome and Firefox on Windows and MacOS computers

  • Note that documents that are using Aadhaar eSign will be marked on the dashboard with the Aadhaar logo for quick reference.