The Outlook add-in can be used from either the Outlook Web app, or the Outlook desktop app to sign documents yourself, or send them to be signed by others. 

How do I use the add-in on the Outlook app?

  • Open an email with a document attached and click SignEasy

  • Log into your SignEasy account and grant permission for SignEasy access, and the document will be imported to SignEasy

  • In the SignEasy popup, select the Signature type and you'll be taken to the SignEasy interface to fill out your document, or fill in the Signature Request details

  • Once your document is signed, you can re-attach and return it to the sender, and a copy of the signed document will be retained in your SignEasy account

Please note:

You'll need a subscription to SignEasy in order to continue past selecting to Sign Yourself or Request a Signature

You can add fields to a request sent through SignEasy using the Add Fields option in the upper right corner

By clicking the 'X' on the Signature Request setup page, you can access a new document or use one of your Templates for the request