The Outlook add-in can be installed from the Office Web Store at this link. The add-in can be used in the Outlook Web app, or in the Outlook desktop app. 

How Do I Install the SignEasy App on the Outlook Web app?

  • In Outlook on the web, select a message.
  • Select  More actions More actions at the top of the message.

    More actions from reading pane
  • Go to the bottom of the list and select  Get Add-ins icon Get Add-ins.

  • On the Add-ins for Outlook page, search for SignEasy. 
  • Click the Add option, then sign into your Microsoft account

  • For admins, you'll be taken to the Outlook Web app to set permissions for your team and visibility options

  • The Add-in will be added to your account and any users accounts per your permission settings to be used right away!

How Do I Install the Add-in on the Outlook Desktop App?

  • Open the Outlook app and click the Store icon from the toolbar

  • Search for the SignEasy add-in, then click Add to add it to the app

Please note:

  • The add-in is only available for SignEasy Business plan users. For info on the Business plan, contact our sales team
  • Outlook add-ins are supported for Exchange 365, corporate and accounts only. They are not supported for personal Microsoft accounts or student accounts.