You can link Google and Outlook contacts in Signeasy and populate your contacts while exporting the document via email.

How do I link my Google and Outlook contacts to my Signeasy iOS app?

  • Open the Signeasy app and navigate to the signed section of documents.

  • Open any completed document by tapping the document and then tap the export icon to open the list of sharing options.

  • Tap the email option and tap the section to enter the email address.

  • Tap the link contacts option and a pop up at the bottom will allow you to select google or outlook contacts.
  • This will prompt you to login to Google or Outlook accordingly.
  • Once you login to Google/Outlook, tap allow on the following screen to grant Signeasy access to your google/Outlook contacts.

Signeasy uses our internal mail to send documents.

In order for Signeasy to access your device contacts, you have to have that permission turned on. You can check that by going to your device Settings, then scroll to the apps list and select Signeasy. Turn on the Contacts toggle to allow access.

Currently, we do not support Outlook contact integrations with Exchange Server accounts.