Signeasy offers the option to sign documents even when you don't have an internet connection on your device with our offline-signing option. 

How can I sign my documents while offline?

When a document is opened in the app, we save it in the device local storage temporarily. To enable a document for offline signing, you'll need to download it in the app while connected to the Internet. 

You can download the document one of two ways:

  • Import the document to open it in the app (for any new documents)
  • Tap to open the document in the app, which will download it (for previously imported documents)

Offline signing can also be helpful in a situation when you have a weak connection when travelling to a remote job site and the app might have trouble finalizing a document or syncing a draft, but no worries! Just turn off your connection completely and use offline signing to save it as a draft locally! 

You can fill out any necessary info, sign the document, etc. When you've finished, select Done at the top right. You'll be able to save the document as a draft. Once you're back online, please tap on the document in the draft to Finalize it.