Do you want to upgrade from a Team trial to a Business Trial for free? Here are easy steps you can follow:

Note: The provided steps apply only to the users who are on Team Trial

By upgrading your account to Business Trial, you will get to try out any of the following features:

  • Reports
  • Two-Step Verification (when sending documents for signature)
  • Branding/Company Logo
  • Integrations
  • The Try for Free option is available on all these features. Upon clicking Try for Free, your Signeasy account will be automatically upgraded to Business Trial with access to all the features above. 

Note: The Business Trial is valid for 14 days irrespective of the time left in the Team Trial. 

  • Try Reports for free

  • Try Two-Step verification (2FA) for free

  • Try the Company Branding:

  • Try Salesforce, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams integrations: