SignEasy uses 4 different document states to help you easily navigate your document list and maintain organization: Original, Draft, Pending, and Complete. You can see an overview of all the documents and statuses in the dashboard.


  • Original - this is the default state for your documents when they are first imported. Original indicates that the document has not yet been signed or modified in the SignEasy app. Original documents are marked in black.
  • Draft- this is the state for any document you've begun work on, and selected Save as Draft from the Finalize menu. Draft files can be reopened to add additional information or moved to Signed state. They are marked in red. Note that Draft files cannot be emailed or downloaded. 
  • Pending - this is the state for any document that is currently part of a Request Signature flow. Pending indicates that a document is still waiting for a signature from one of the requested parties. Pending documents are marked in blue. Here you can also see a summary of the status, who has signed, who still needs to sign by tapping on the document. 
  • Signed - this is the state for any documents that have been finalized. Signed indicates that the necessary information has been added to a document, and it is closed to further edits. Signed documents are ready to be downloaded or emailed to their recipients, and are marked in green.

Can I sort the different document states?

Absolutely! You can filter the views based on document state, for example, if you only want to see the Original documents. To do so, just click the desired state in your dashboard. You can also see different states in the document list by swiping to the left or right.