We realize that security and privacy are important, and we take it very seriously at SignEasy. We work hard to maintain that privacy and security for every user, every time you use SignEasy.


Do you store my signature?


When your signature is added and saved, we do save it on our secure servers. 

Anytime your signature is added to a document and information passes between your app and our servers, we encrypt the information to protect your privacy.


 Do you store my clients signature?


We only store one signature per account (the signature selected as your primary signature). If your client enters a signature on a particular document, it will only be saved for that particular instance.

We won't store your clients signature on our end.

 Do you store my documents on your server?

When you import a document into your SignEasy app, we'll store it on our servers securely. This lets us do 2 things:

  • Synchronize your documents and status across all your devices
  • Maintain original copies of your documents for future use
Anytime your data is communicated between our servers and the app, we encrypt it for your protection. We use data storage through Amazon AWS servers based on the US East Coast (Virginia) with multiple security safeguards in place. You can read more about the AWS service and their security measures at https://aws.amazon.com/security/.

How do you protect my information?

SignEasy encrypts information transfers using industry-standard SSL encryption to ensure that your data is safe and secure whenever you import, sign, or finalize a document.
We use Amazons AWS service to securely store the information in various data centres, and we maintain backups of all user information for additional security against data loss. We use end-to-end encryption when transferring signature files and documents, and we encrypt data at rest. 

Can anyone else access my information?

Anytime there is an attempt to access your documents, we authenticate the request with a challenge to verify your username and password. Document contents and titles are masked against any access, and SignEasy will never access your data or documents without express permission. At no point does ownership of your document transfer or do you forfeit ownership of the documents or contents. SignEasy is not responsible for the legality of the document contents or 
Keep your SignEasy login information safe and secret, and no one else will be able to view your documents or information. 

We take your security, privacy, and data very seriously here at SignEasy. If you ever have any concerns, doubts or questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@getsigneasy.com. We'll do everything we can to address your questions. 

What happens in the event of an outage?

SignEasy boasts a 99% uptime of service, but we understand that sometimes issues can occur. When issues occur we have a number of safeguards in place:

  • We will notify users through an in-app banner of known issues/server issues that last longer than 4 hours.
  • Support will communicate with users with either a workaround or regular updates on the status of repairs
  • Activity in the app will be suspended and any emails queued for delivery at a later time. 
  • Audit trail emails that are not delivered due to a service outage can be retrieved on request once the outage is resolved. 
  • We use redundant backups to ensure that user information is not lost in the event of a server outage or downtime. 

SignEasy and GDPR

We're committed to serving our European customers and are happy to offer services that meet the adequacy and security requirements of the newly formed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can find information on GDPR compliance and data processing terms and actions by reviewing our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.