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Signeasy AI Assistant makes contract execution faster and more efficient by leveraging artificial intelligence. With features like Key Terms Extraction, AI Summary, and Smart Q&A, it helps you and your signers make informed decisions and save time and effort. 

The AI Assistant is currently in beta. The current capabilities are our first step towards leveraging the full potential of AI for contract management. We are exploring several new capabilities which will keep getting added to the beta program. We encourage you to take advantage of the beta program and share your insights to help shape its development. 

Note: The AI Assistant is in Beta and only available to Business and Business Plus customers, at the moment.

How do I enable Signeasy AI Assistant for my account?

To enable Signeasy AI for your account, head to Account and Settings > Preferences.

Check the box next to “Enable AI Assistant” to enable it for your account.    

Using the AI Assistant

The current capabilities of the AI assistant aim to simplify the signing process, with features like:

  1. AI Summary: Get a concise, AI-powered overview of your contracts, ensuring you're always informed and never overwhelmed.

  2. Key Terms Extraction: Navigate contracts with ease by pinpointing critical information and avoiding complex legalese.

  3. Smart Q&A: Receive instant clarity on contract queries and fast-track your review process.

Note: The AI Assistant shows up for a document once it's been sent out for signature.

Here are the steps to use the AI Assistant:

  1. Enable Signeasy AI for your account. Here are the steps on how to enable it.

  2. Send a document for signature.

  3. Once sent, a Signeasy AI button will show up for you and your signer(s). Click on the button

  4. Once the button is clicked, a sidebar will show up with the following sections: Review, Ask. The review section has 2 sub-sections: Summary and Key Terms.

  5. The Summary shows a concise, AI-generated summary of the contract. It will help you or the signers quickly understand the nature and essential contents of the contract.

  6. The Key Terms are a list of the most important values and clauses present in the contract. You could also click on “Go to source” under the Key Terms to navigate to the respective reference in the document (where present). You could also share feedback on the accuracy of the key terms through the positive/negative rating options.

  7. The Ask feature lets you ask any question to the contract and get a real-time answer from the contents of the contract. You’ll be shown three automatically suggested questions to start with.

  8. The answers are also referenced to specific parts of the contract which you can navigate to by clicking on “Go to source”.

AI Summary and Key Terms Extraction help you and your signers quickly retrieve the critical information present in the contract. Smart Q&A helps you ask any question on the contract and get an intelligent response instantly. The AI workflows ultimately help you and your signers save time and effort.

Am I eligible to use Signeasy AI?

Signeasy AI is currently in Beta and only available to Business and Business Plus customers.

Are there any restrictions on usage?

The Signeasy AI Assistant has a few limitations on usage:

  1. Up to 10 questions can be asked per user per document.

  2. Up to 100 documents can be sent with AI Assistant enabled per user per day.

Is Signeasy AI accurate?

Signeasy AI is designed to provide information that is generally accurate, but it’s important to note that inaccuracies may occur. We recommend verifying facts for precision.

How much does Signeasy AI cost?

Signeasy AI is available for free during the beta period as we gather user feedback to enhance its functionality. We will determine and announce the pricing structure based on this feedback closer to the official release. 

We encourage you to take advantage of the beta phase and share your insights to help shape its development.

Which technology does Signeasy AI use?

We are currently using Azure OpenAI to power the AI workflows. 

Is Signeasy AI secure and compliant?

To deliver the AI functionality, we leverage Azure OpenAI APIs. We will be sharing the content of your documents with third party AI API provider in the process. However, your data will not be used for training models.

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