Requesting a Signature on the SignEasy Android app

Modified on Thu, 18 Aug 2022 at 09:16 AM

How do I request someone located remotely to sign a document?

  • To send a signature request, tap to open any original document. Tap on the Sign button and then tap on Send for Signature.

  • Tap Add Signer and Enter the Name and Email Addresses of the signers. To add yourself as a signer, tap on Add Yourself.

  • You may use the Link Contacts option to integrate your Google, Outlook or Phone contacts.


  • You can also enable the Set Signing Order and choose the signing order by holding the Drag icon on the left. When you send the signature request, the first signer will receive a notification to sign. Once the first signer finalizes the document, it will be sent to the second signer and so on.

  • If you want to notify someone other than the signers, you can add their Email Addresses in the Email CC option. Tap Add CC to add more additional recipients.

  • After entering all the information, tap on the Tick icon at the top right, which will take you to the next step to add fields to the documents.
  • Please tap on the document to view the fields and add them to the document.

  • To assign fields to the signers, tap on the Signer name.

  • Once all the fields are assigned, tap on the Tick icon to go to the next step. 

Note : The document can also be sent without fields by simply clicking on the Tick icon at the top right.

  • Add an optional message for the signers which will be included in the email notification. 

  • Please tap the Send icon at the top right to initiate the signature request.

What if I don't need the signature in a specific order?

  • The signature flow will default to requesting signatures in the order you added (or set) the signers' email address. If you'd prefer the document to be signed in any order, please disable the signing order. All signers will immediately be sent the request to sign the document and can do so regardless of order. 

Note: If your Request Signature flow allows signing in any order, SignEasy will keep track of who is signing the document and when. If a signer attempts to sign the document while someone else is signing, we'll notify them to wait until the other signature is complete, then refresh the document to the most up to date version.

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