With our latest release for our web app, users now have a better understanding and overview of the actions to be taken.

The new update brings various categories for the document status.

  • Needs Your Action: This section of the app includes all the documents that require an action on your part:

  • Waiting for others: This section includes all the documents that require an action from the signer that has received a signature request:

  • Completed: This section contains all the signature requests that are in completed status:

  • Voided: This section contains all the documents that have been voided by you as a sender. This helps in keeping a close eye on documents with similar names and the ones that have been voided:

  • All Documents: This section contains all the documents within Signeasy, from any of the following sections : completed, waiting for others, voided:

  • Drafts: This section contains all the documents previously saved as drafts (drafts can be saved on self-sign documents only). You can open this section and complete signing a document:

  • Templates: This section holds all the saved templates. With our Templates feature, you can create and save documents with roles and  document fields  set up on the document, making your signature workflows easier and faster: 

  • Originals: This section holds the files that have been uploaded to Signeasy. You can use originals to self-sign a document or send it for signature: