The 'Sign with Signeasy' option is removed from our iOS app. This means you will no longer have the option to initiate the signature process from within a document and will instead need to import the document to Signeasy by tapping “Copy to Signeasy” instead.

Why are we doing this?

Though convenient, initiating signatures this way actually kept users from accessing some of Signeasy’s most important functionalities: 

  • Saving drafts(while self-signing)

  • In-person signing

  • Requesting Signatures

The confusion and frustration around that lack of access led us to find an alternative and one that would equally support all Signeasy users. 

We understand that nobody likes being forced to change how they work, and those inconvenienced by this change have our sincerest apologies. However, we hope you’ll agree that access to Signeasy’s full range of capabilities is a worthwhile tradeoff.

What should you do going forward?

The good news is that you will still have the ability to initiate the signature process right from the document on iOS. You will notice a couple of changes, but the core functionality remains. While these steps may take some getting used to, we expect this workflow to ultimately make Signeasy more versatile. as you can, for example, bring a document stored on your mobile device into your Signeasy account, then review and execute it on your tablet or laptop.

How to import documents from any other app using Signeasy?

  • Select the desired document, within any other app, to import to Signeasy.
  • Select the “Share” menu option.

    Select “Signeasy,” and it’s done! Easy, right?

Adding Signeasy to your favorites will make sure that Signeasy will show up in the list of apps while sharing. This will make it convenient for you to copy documents from any other app into Signeasy.

  • Select any document & tap on the share icon.
  • Scroll to the end of the apps panel and select the “More” option.
  • Tap on the “Edit” option in the top-right corner.
  • Tap on the “Plus” (+) button to add it to the Favorites.
  • On taping Plus (+) icon Signeasy will list under Favourites. 
  • Rearrange the position as necessary.