Getting Started with the SignEasy - Daylite Integration for iOS

To get started, download the Daylite application from the App Store and login to the Daylite account you already have or sign up for a free Daylite account here. Once you are logged into the Daylite account, follow the step by step instructions given below to set up the Daylite-SignEasy integration. 

  • Start by navigating to the Mail section, select Add Mail Account.

  • Select the respective mail account and login.

  • Select Allow to accept terms and conditions and give Daylite access to the email account.

How to use the SignEasy - Daylite Integration

This section shows you on how you can use SignEasy to sign your documents electronically and link them to an opportunity or a contact in Daylite.

  • Login to your SignEasy account on the iOS application. 

  • Request Signature using the iOS application. Click here to know more about requesting signatures on iOS.

  • Once the document has been signed and finalised by all signees you will receive an email with the final document and the Audit trail. Access the email from the Mail section on Daylite.

  • Select Add to Daylite and then select Add Link.

  • You may continue to select the contact, objectives and the attachments.

  • The selected information will show up as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Also, scroll to the bottom of the email to and select Add All to Dayli.

  • The documents and the email will be attached to the selected profile accordingly.

You can also export any attachments you receive via email to the Daylite application and sign the attachment using SignEasy without having to move away from the Daylite application. Here is how you can do this.

  • Open the email with the attachment. 

  • Open the attachment that needs to be self signed.

  • Select the Export option in the  left bottom corner.

  • Select Sign with SignEasy.

  • Add annotations and finalise the document.