Getting Started with the SignEasy - Daylite Integration  for Mac

To get started, login to the Daylite account you already have or sign up for a free Daylite account here. Once you are logged into the Daylite account, follow the step by step instructions given below to set up the Daylite-SignEasy integration. 

Note: Navigate here to Download and install the Daylite application for Mac OS.

  • Start by installing the Daylite Mail Assistant by navigating to Daylite menu and selecting the Install Mail Assistant.

  • Select Install Mail Assistant in the following popup screen and you will be guided through the steps necessary to install the software.

  • Select Continue in the following screen and then select Install.

  • To complete the installation, select the Install software option on the installer prompt(enter the Mac password) and you will get a confirmation screen once the Mail Assistant is installed.

How to use the SignEasy - Daylite Integration

This section shows you on how you can use SignEasy to sign your documents electronically and link them to an opportunity or a contact in Daylite.

  • You may send out a document requesting a signature. Click here to know more about the request signature functionality.

  • Once the document has been signed and finalised by all signees you will receive an email with the final document and the Audit trail.

  • By using the Daylite Mail assistant plugin, you may add these attachments right into Daylite using the Add to Daylite option within Apple mail.

  • Select the contact, objectives and the attachments respectively, and these will show up in Daylite.

  • Search for the contact within Daylite and you will see that the document and the email has been attached to their profile.