As we all know recent iOS updates has brought us a host of features on our home screen. We love the new App Clip feature, the widget view, and everything that Apple has brought to the home screen with iOS. We have released a few new features with this version of Signeasy, that you could take advantage of.

Now users can sign documents using an App clip

An app clip is a lightweight version of your app(almost like a notification) that lets people perform everyday tasks quickly, without downloading and installing your app. Users will now be able to sign Template Links on the go using the following methods:

  • QR code

  • Safari banner

  • iMessage

  • NFC tag

The app clip will pop up on the lock screen, tap open to sign the document.

Signeasy widgets work on iOS

To get started with widgets, you’ll want to enter “jiggle mode.” Just press and hold anywhere on the screen for a few seconds. It’s easiest to press an empty space—if you press on an app icon, you’ll get that app’s context menu. If you do, you can keep holding and you’ll go to jiggle mode, or tap “Edit Home Screen.”

Signeasy widget is availble on iOS 14 or later.

Once in this mode, tap the ( + ) symbol in the upper left corner of the screen. this will pop up the Widgets menu. 

  • Select Signeasy from the list of the apps.

  • You may choose Templates, Summary or Pending as an option for the widget and select Add Widget.

  • You may choose to edit/remove the widget, by pressing and holding the widget for a couple of seconds.

Other interesting features!

  • Scribble allows users to write in any text field, which gets converted to typed text.

  • Since the iPad got a bump up to desktop-class browsing, now, mouse control is supported on iPad OS 14 or later.