Freshteam has integrated with SignEasy to enable E-Sign which can be used in all Onboarding documents. Using E-Sign you can send contracts and onboarding documents that require signature through Freshteam and get things done faster and paper-free. Let us see how E-Sign works in Freshteam. 

1. Go to Settings > Productivity > Integrations. 

2. Under Productivity, you will find SignEasy. Enable the toggle to initiate the integration. 

3. If you already have a SignEasy account, you will be redirected to your login page where you should allow Freshteam to integrate. 

4. If you do not have an account, create one or log in through your Google account and allow Freshteam to integrate. 

Note:  The integration requires a Business-level trial/plan with SignEasy. Click here to subscribe to the plan. 

5. That's it, you have enabled E-Sign for your Onboarding processes, let us see how to use it.