You may link your Google or Outlook contacts in Signeasy and populate your contacts while sending out a signature request.

How do I link my Google and Outlook contacts to my Signeasy?

  • This option is available when you are entering the email addresses of signatories during a signature request.
  • Select "Import contacts from" as shown below

  • Select the Google/Outlook contacts you would like to integrate.
  • Once you login to Google/Outlook, your contacts will be integrated respectively.

Once this is done your Google/Outlook contacts appear when you try to enter the email addresses of signatories while sending out a signature request.

Note: Currently, we do not support Outlook contact integrations with exchange server accounts.

How do I unlink my Google or Outlook contacts from Signeasy?

You may unlink contacts by following the steps below.

  • Please tap on the initials on the right-hand top of your screen.
  • Select My Account.
  • Select Manage Contacts on the left-hand navigation panel.
  • Here you can link or unlink google or outlook contacts.