How does Signeasy work on the Web app?

Our Signeasy Web app is available to anyone at If you already have a subscription, it will be carried over from your mobile device.

You can log in with the same credentials from your mobile app, or if you need to create a new account, go to and jump into our trial.

Do my documents sync across the Signeasy mobile and Web apps?

  • All the documents available in the Signeasy app on your mobile device will also be available on the Web app. Just be sure you are logged in with the same credentials on both devices, and you’ll be able to add information across either platform.

  • The same is true for documents added to your Webapp directly. Log into your mobile app, and you’ll see them available in your document list for signature, editing, etc.

What if the status of a document is changed in the mobile or Web apps?

  • We’ll take care of that as well! If you save or complete the document on the Web or mobile app, log into your account on another device or computer, and you’ll still see the Draft, Pending, or Completed copy of your document ready for you.,

  • You can then download, email, or send to your cloud storage account from either device. You don’t ever need to feel tied to a single platform; Signeasy goes where you go!

What information can I add to my document in the Signeasy Web app?

  • When using the Web app, you can add various pieces of information to a document.

  • Select the document you’d like to work with, and then use the toolbar at the top to add information.

  • You can add a signature, initials, the current date, text boxes, and checkmarks. Each option in the toolbar will pop a window up, giving you even more control over customizing the information.

What document types are supported in the Signeasy Web app?

Signeasy supports the following document types:

  • PDF

  • MS-Office (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt)

  • Open-Office (.odt, .ods,. odp)

  • Text (.txt)

  • HTML

  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)

  • CSV

  • Images (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff)

For security, anytime you upload a file to your Signeasy account (regardless of original format), we’ll convert it to a PDF file for signing. When you email or download the file, it will retain that PDF format.