The new and improved signing experience includes smoother editing, faster drag and drop features, and a redesigned layout to help you sign and send documents easier than ever before. 

You will need to opt-in to to the new experience, but you can return to the previous version of SignEasy at any time.

How do I start using the new SignEasy MINT experience?

  • Log into your account on the webapp, and click on the top banner which says MINT EXPERIENCE.

  • Click on I'm in to opt-in to the new experience.

  • To confirm that you are using the new experience, the webapp will now have the MINT EXPERIENCE badge at the top.

How can I revert back to the previous version of SignEasy?

  • Tap on "My Account" in the top right corner.

  • Tap on "Settings".

  • Uncheck the "Mint Experience" checkbox, and your account will revert to the previous SignEasy experience. 

How can I start signing and sending documents?