With our template link feature, you can share documents to be signed in several ways, whether through chat messages or by posting the link to your site. 

Note: The template link feature is available only with our Business & Business Plus plans.

How do I create a Template Link?

  • Select the template section of your dashboard and select the link icon on the right side of the Template.

  • Toggle the Template Link option to 'On,' and you'll be able to copy the template link to send to any of your signers.

  • Once you've copied the link, you can share it with your signers in several ways, by email, through your website, or through the communication channels of your choice.. Once a signer clicks the link, they will be required to verify their email address before signing to confirm their identity for e-signature legal compliance.

Once the document is signed, it will appear in the completed section as below. With our latest update, we have made a  small but important enhancement to improve the already powerful template links: the signed documents shall carry the signer's full name in the file name. You can now identify the signers with a glance.

•Only templates with a single signer (Role) can be shared by a template link.
•Each time a signer clicks on the link and verifies their email, a document record will be created in the Pending (Waiting For Others) section of your Signeasy account, including the information of the signer that was verified. You can use this to remind the signer (in case they don't finish signing the document in one session).
•You can void a request from a template link using the same process as other signature requests, right from that Pending (Waiting For Others) section.