With the SignEasy Team Dashboard, you can manage settings for your entire team, including setting your team name and adding a custom logo that will be used with all the outgoing signature requests.

How do I add a team name and logo for my users?

  • Open the Team Dashboard from the left-hand menu of the Web app
  • Select the Team Settings option from the top of the Dashboard summary page

  • Enter the team name to use in the Company field.
  • To add Custom Branding for your team, select the Upload Logo option to select the desired image from your files. 

  • Once you've entered the settings, click Save, and they will be updated to all of your users with no action required on their part.

How does Custom Branding work?

When Custom Branding is enabled on your account, your recipients will see your company logo and name on the Request Signature workflow. The branding will show up in 3 primary places:

  • The email information in your recipient inbox will show your name as the sender (as opposed to the generic sender 'SignEasy')
  • The email body will show both your company logo, your name, and your company name
  • The invitation confirmation screen will also show your name, company logo, and company name, along with the document title.