Signeasy allows you to add fields to your signature requests, marking the specific signing locations to make it easy for signers to fill out a document and get it back to you without missing anything.

Note: The document fields are required in order to allow your signer to use a mobile device to sign the document, without document fields, they'll need to sign from a computer.

How do I add Fields to my Signature Request?

  • Open the Request Signature workflow by either selecting Send for signature  > Send for Signature to import a document or hovering over a previously imported document and clicking Request Signature 


  • Fill out the signers for your signature request, adding any necessary signing order or optional messages.
  • Click Add Fields to open the Fields preparation options.
  • Click the desired field from the left-hand options (click, not drag)

  • Click again on the document to place the field in the desired location.
  • Once placed, you can modify the field size by clicking and dragging the corners.
  • You may use the Duplicate field option to copy the field to All pages or the Copy the field to all the following pages(in the same location on all pages). This option is currently only available for the Signature, Initial, and Date fields. 

Note: You can also move these fileds to a specific locations on each page individually.

  • Click on a field to adjust the options for that specific field, assign a specific signer, make it optional/required, or change the format (for date fields).
  • For our Date field, we have now included the option to limit entering the signing date, or entering a different date:

  • Click Send in the upper right corner to send the signature request. You cannot edit the fields after sending, so be sure everything is set up and double-checked!

You can add details like signatures,intitial,date,textl,check box or radio group.

How do Fields work for my signer?

  • When a signer opens a document with assigned fields, they’ll be guided through the fields to fill.
  • There will be a summary at the top of the page listing the fields remaining to be signed, and they can use the arrows to navigate through.

  • They will only see the assigned fields, so there won’t be any confusion.

Eeach signer must have at least one assigned field.
Signers will not be able to finalize the document until all required fields are filled in.
All signers will have a specific color coding assigned, making it easier for you to differentiate during field placement.