NOTE: This chrome extension will be deprecated on March 15, 2019. Try our new Gmail add-on which is up-to-date and powered with more features:

With the SignEasy Gmail extension, you can sign email attachments seamlessly from Gmail and return them to the sender right in the same thread!

How do I install the extension?

  • To install the SignEasy extension, go to the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

  • After install, we’ll automatically add the SignEasy icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser to let you know it is active.

How do I use the extension?

  • To use the SignEasy extension to sign an attachment, just open any email with an attachment.
  • Hover over the attachment and you’ll see a SignEasy icon appear.

  • Click this icon and you’ll be taken to your SignEasy account to sign the document.
  • Once you’ve finished signing, click Done and you’ll have the option to simply complete/save it, or to complete the document and attach it back to the original email (if re-attaching the document, make sure you leave the original email window open).

  • Note that you’ll need to have an active SignEasy account to sign documents through the extension.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome. You can check for updates by going to chrome://settings/help.
  • If you’d like to remove the extension, just right click the SignEasy icon in the upper right corner of Chrome, then select Remove from Chrome.