It's an unfortunate fact that sometimes things don't go quite right, and when that happens, here are a few common steps to troubleshoot:

Note that a very common cause of issues is out-of-date apps. Make sure that your SignEasy app is up-to-date by opening the App Store, searching for SignEasy, and downloading any additional updates. 

Also check the iOS version you're using, as we support iOS 10 or later. Any version earlier than iOS 10 may have issues.

Error code SE002

If you happen to receive the following error message after you have imported the file, flattening the document would resolve the issue

On a Mac

-Open the document in Preview

-File > Export as PDF

On Windows

Open a file in a Windows application.

Choose File > Print.

Choose Adobe PDF as the printer in the Print dialog box. To customize the Adobe PDF printer setting, click the Properties (or Preferences) button. ...

Click Print. Type a name for your file, and click Save.

 App is crashing when importing using "Sign with SignEasy"

We suggest using the "Copy to SignEasy" option if you happen to run into this issue. We are working on a permenent solution for this.

1. Select the export option when the document is open on any other application.

2. Choose SignEasy from the list of apps by scrolling right.

 My app is crashing or freezing

If your app is freezing or crashing, whether during login, when importing or during signing please remove and reinstall the app. Sometimes an update might go bad, or some corrupt data might cause issues. A clean install will usually clear the issue. Your settings and documents will be saved even if you reinstall.

My signature or text isn't saving when I complete the document

Information not saving, or a document not rendering correctly usually means the PDF software is having trouble with something specific about your document. Very occasionally a PDF will have some element that is abnormal, or something about the PDF is difficult to render correctly while maintaining the format. In that case, you can try 2 things:

  • Try completing your document using the SignEasy Web app.
  • Email us at, and include a brief description of the issue, and a copy of the original document to try and replicate the issue

The app gives me an error when I try to log in

If you see an error message at login, or a message to contact support you can check the following:

  • Check that your login information is correct. For example, if you normally use Google Account login, you'll need to use that each time (you can't manually enter your Google credentials).
  • Check that your app is up to date by going to the App Store and searching for SignEasy. If an update is available, we'll ask you to update your app. 

 The app is telling me to upgrade even though I already paid

Payments and purchases in the iOS app are handled by iTunes and Apple. If your account is paid but not showing as up-to-date:

Check that you are logged in to the paid account. Make sure you didn't accidentally create a new account under a different email address, as it won't link to the paid account

Send a description of the issue to, and include one of the following:

  • A copy of the iTunes App Store receipt from your email, or the SignEasy invoice
  • A screenshot of the active subscription. Retrieve it here:
    • Open your iOS device Settings
    • Select iTunes and App Store
    • Select your Apple ID, then View Apple ID
    • Select Subscriptions
  • A payment entry from your credit card statement

I still need help, what now?

If you're still having an issue, or not sure what the problem and it isn't covered above, just shoot us an email to We'll get right back to you and get the app working again.