Aside from the security that we have built into the app, we do offer some more options to let you secure your information and documents.

  • Always be careful to keep your username, password, passcodes etc secure and secret from others. 
  • Consider using a unique password as opposed to reusing the password from other accounts, and never share your password. 
  • Remember, electronic signatures are considered legally binding, so never allow anyone to access your signature


Signature Passcode

As an extra layer of security, you can add a 4-digit passcode on your account to ensure no one can sign a document without your passcode. In order to activate it:

  • Open the app Menu, then select Settings

  • Tap Security, then switch Passcode to On 

Once your passcode is set, you will be asked to enter your passcode anytime you try to complete a document. 

Note that your passcode is stored on your device, so if you forget your passcode we are unable to reset it. You will need to reinstall the Signeasy app and re-enable your passcode.

Nexus Imprint

For even more security on supported devices, we also allow you to use Nexus Imprint (supported on many recent LG devices and the Nexus line, check with your device manufacturer for compatibility). 

  • Turn on Nexus Imprint by navigating to the Security Menu and switching Nexus Imprint to On
  • Anytime you (or anyone else) attempts to sign and finalize a document we will require fingerprint authentication prior to saving the document

Two things to keep in mind about the Nexus Imprint option:

  • To turn on Nexus Imprint you will have to turn on the Passcode first, as it will be used as a backup option to the fingerprint. 
  • Nexus Imprint will require that you have the fingerprint option turned on for your device, as we'll use the options saved on the device.

Device Security

As a final layer of security, we always recommend that you secure your device with using the built-in security features. The Android OS offers security options like passcodes or fingerprint authentication to unlock the device, and certain manufacturers may include other options as well. To ensure that your information and documents are kept as safe as possible, consider utilizing some of these features for added peace of mind.